September 28, 2023
Gullivers Travels

Gulliver’s Travels was written by Jonathan Swift in 1726, but it has been popular ever since it was published. A lot of people remember reading Gulliver’s Travels when they were in school, and there have been several different TV shows and movies based on the book as well. One person who you may not remember though, if you read the original Gulliver’s Travels, is Admiral Bolgolam, and that’s what this article is all about.

Gulliver Travels

Admiral Bolgolam is a fictional character in the book Gulliver Travels by Jonathan Swift. The book was published in 1726 and revolves around the main protagonist’s voyages to fantastical lands and nations. It includes such surreal inventions as flying islands, time travel, intellectual pygmies and so on.

The Admiral wanted to take him prisoner, but his son persuaded him not to do so. Fearing for his safety, he told them about England which prompted the king of that nation-state to send troops there during a war with Europe so that he could live safely without any harm coming near him again.

The First Journey of Gulliver

Gulliver traveled to Lilliput as a naive, courageous, and somewhat foolhardy traveler. His first encounters there are with some of the most influential Lilliputeans at the court. He is granted an audience with the Emperor and Empress, who send him on a mis- Sion to the neighbouring Kingdom of Blefuscu which is experiencing a war.

The empire decides that it would be best for Gulliver to unite the Kingdoms in peace by acting as an intermediary; since he’s so tall, no Lilliputian King could overpower him should they try to go against his wishes. When Gulliver travels to the island of Blefuscu, he soon realizes that all might not be what it seems. He manages to secure a meeting with the King just in time before hostilities break out between them.

However, when Gulliver arrives at the throne room, he finds himself faced with an aggressive individual -one of the palace guards! After this encounter, events take a dark turn for our hero when an even more terrifying figure steps forth from the shadows: none other than Grumkin-minister of state and leader advisor to Queen Careemabetty.

Lilliput Kingdom

In the book, Gullivers Travels, one of the characters is the admiral who first captures and later rescues the main protagonist, Lemuel. The admiral is a strong figure in Lilliput and is respected by many people there. However, he does not seem to be as intelligent as most of the other Lilliputians.

His name has been lost to history, but it could be assumed that his name was Bolgolam or something close to that. From this passage in Gullivers Travels, we can assume that he would have been an older man when he fought with Lemuel as he had already captured him twice before.

In conclusion, the identity of the admiral in Gullivers Travels is unknown; however, it can be assumed that he would have been a well-respected person within the kingdom due to how much power he possessed and how high on social hierarchy scale he ranked.

Gullivers Travels

Unseen Danger to Gulliver

Admiral Bolgolam is one of the main characters in the book Gulliver Travels. He is a very large man who becomes friends with Gulliver. The two get into many adventures together, until they are captured and put into prison. They are eventually freed by a third party and return to England where they go their separate ways.

However, when Gulliver travels back to find him, he finds out that Bolgolam has been killed in battle. His final words are about his heart still beating for his newfound friend Gulliver. The two were reunited after being captured and imprisoned in several different locations.

It was then decided to leave them both as prisoners to rot in order for them to not escape again. Gulliver traveled back again many years later but could not find Bolgolam at all, so he deduced that Bolgolam must have died in some sort of combat while trying to fight off enemies or rivals.

Who Is Admiral Bolgolam in Gullivers Travels?

In Swift’s famous work, Gullivers Travels, one of the characters, admiral bolgolam, is described as being a captain who was at the time in charge of an island near Japan and who happened to be fighting against some Dutch sailors.

Swift makes it clear that bolgolam is considered to be a cruel person due to his actions on this small island off the coast of Japan when he burnt down one village in an attempt to find someone there that he believed had tried to kill him. Swift also goes on to say how great admiral bolgolam is because of his constant refusal to be conquered by any other nation no matter what they do.

Briefly, admiral bolgolam is shown throughout Gullivers travels as a very good man because he continuously fights for what is right and refuses to be taken over by anyone else which speaks highly of his character.

Deeds Of Skyresh Bolgolam

Throughout Gullivers travels, he meets several people. One of those people is the The Admirael in Lilliput. Here is a description of the character: He was dressed like other Lilliputs, only that he wore his robes on so low a ground, that they shewed his cuffs as well as his breeches.

Skyresh’s son, commonly called Punchinello or Para-mediciwas never forgiven for this interference: because such power is to the persons so elevated an affront and of consequence productive of much jealousy and common talk. It seems that this excerpt from Gullivers Travels shows how unfair it is when someone has power and then gets taken down by someone else with less power.

Gullivers Travels

Escape Of Gulliver from The Hands of Bolgolam

Admiral Bolgolam is a protagonist of the book Gullivers Travels, which was written by Jonathan Swift in 1726. He is a sea captain who travels with his fleet on the continent of South America.

While fighting a war against the country of Blefuscu, he captures our hero Gulliver and while they are at war together, they become friends and share their ideas of society with each other.

Although it may appear that as a character in Gullivers Travels it is not an important person in some ways he can be considered to be an author’s satiric reference to King George I who had his power harshly questioned even by his own family members during his reign which lasted for 15 years from 1714 until 1727 (Admiral Bolgolam).


In conclusion, it is important to analyse the characters in a story to get an understanding of the moral of the story. Gullivers Travels is a great way to take a break and gain perspective on what is going on in your life. It can also be used as an analogy for social issues we may not be aware of, like third world countries and starvation.

We need to understand that it is our responsibility to spread awareness about those issues in order to end them.Once you read this, you will see what I mean. The character in Gullivers Travels who stands out the most is Admiral Bolgolam.

He was a high-ranking official, but he did not act accordingly. He was stuck up and always made it his business to correct people or even punish them for their wrongdoings. All he cared about was himself and what would benefit him rather than anyone else.