September 28, 2023
Finance Consumer Services

In a field, job availability determines the outcome and trend of a field. Among the well-known departments involved in all financial and related offers is the finance department, which is responsible for determining financial conditions and career options. By rotating money and providing opportunities, it regulates the economy.

Hence, finance is the best option to survive in this world; we provide you with the information on how many jobs are available in finance consumer services, making consumer services an excellent career path.

In this section, you will find a list of jobs categorized by finance consumer service, enabling you to achieve your career dreams, earn a good salary, and advance your career.

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

Many people enter the financial industry for a way to be their own boss and have control over their hours. However, the pay in Finance Consumer Services positions can vary based on what type of work you are doing. For example, project management positions might allow you to have a set weekly salary. However, more hands-on work may have variable salaries like commission.

The lowest paid positions in Finance Consumer Services are usually customer service representatives who take calls from customers about account balances, transfers and other routine issues. They typically start at minimum wage with little room for advancement within the company. Other finance jobs with low entry level salaries include bill collector (starting wage $14-$16), check processor ($12), loan clerk ($13) and teller ($11).

Accountants And Auditors

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, there were 969,900 accountants and auditors in the United States as of May 2016. Of that number, 877,500 worked full-time. The median salary for accountants and auditors is $62,220 annually; however, this number can vary depending on several factors. For example, cost of living or location may affect salary rates.

Accountants and auditors are responsible for providing financial statements to companies or individuals who want a detailed analysis on their finances. There are many different types of accounting jobs available in finance consumer services depending on what an individual wants to specialize in such as tax accounting or financial analysis. Some examples include serving as an auditor for a company’s books or being an accountant for a company dealing with lawsuits.

Finance Consumer Services

Budget Analysts

If you have an aptitude for business, you can become a budget analyst for finance consumer services firms. Budget analysts study trends in order to make budget projections and help companies get the most out of their finances. Job responsibilities include preparing reports, identifying savings opportunities and making financial recommendations.

Typical education requirements are a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or economics, as well as some work experience in the field. The median salary is $60K per year with growth potential up to $90K per year if you’re promoted to senior analyst level or manager level.

Cost Estimators

Do you have a background in finance and consumer services and want to work for a company that has the same values as you do? If so, then Finance Consumer Services may be the perfect place for you! We have openings available for Cost Estumers. You need at least two years of experience in this field, with an emphasis on cost estimations.

Your primary duty will be to estimate the costs of manufacturing or distributing a product or providing a service. This position also requires knowledge of manufacturing or distribution costs, as well as basic arithmetic skills. You will also need to know how to use Microsoft Excel and have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Financial Examiners

There are a number of different types of jobs in the Finance Consumer Services industry. Anyone who has passed an examination may apply for a job as a Certified Public Accountant. If you’re fluent in Spanish, you may also want to look into becoming an exam-grader or translator for the Securities and Exchange Commission. Employees who work at finance offices perform clerical tasks such as typing, filing and preparing mailing lists, or they may be tasked with collecting payments or transferring funds between accounts.

Banks usually employ tellers and cashiers to handle transactions with customers. A bank teller takes money from customers and deposits it into the correct account after processing checks, while a cashier is typically assigned to overseeing certain areas such as safe deposit boxes or cashing travellers’ checks.

What Is the Most Common Job In Finance?

Finance consumer services is the most common job in finance. Employees help manage financial assets and services. There are many roles in this industry, including financial analysts, accountants, customer service representatives, and advisers. Some of the qualities needed for these positions include people skills, creativity, critical-thinking abilities, strong organizational skills and financial background.

For example, a financial analyst must be able to think critically to analyze data and determine the business implications of the findings; an accountant must be meticulous in their work with detailed accuracy; customer service representatives need to be patient, knowledgeable about their product or service, as well as good listeners; and an adviser needs to have great interpersonal skills.

These positions provide high salaries, which can range from $36k-$73k per year (in 2013), depending on the position. The education required varies depending on what type of finance consumer services you’re seeking out – but they often require some sort of college degree at minimum.

Do Finance Jobs Pay Well?

While finance jobs pay well and are stable in the job market, they can be hard to find. There are many types of financial services positions out there in a variety of fields: investments, banking, accounting, financial management and more. Understanding what you want to do before sending in your resume will help to cut down on the rejection you may receive after applying for a position.

Based on this information, how many jobs are available in finance consumer services?

There is not an answer as each company has different needs for personnel but there are plenty of great opportunities out there!

Finance Consumer Services

Which Country Is Best for Finance Jobs?

Which country should you start your job search in? With so many options and little clear guidance, the best way to approach this is to do a little research. Finance Consumer Services jobs are available all over the world, but different countries offer different benefits for expats. Check out our list below to learn more about some of the top finance destinations around the world.

Japan Japanese Finance Consumer Services positions require advanced skills, experience, and connections to even land an interview. Luckily for applicants with those qualifications, salaries in Japan are very competitive with those of other developed nations (such as the United States). Tokyo is one of the best places in the world if you want to work as a finance executive or entrepreneur.

Ireland When researching finance jobs abroad, Ireland may not come immediately to mind – but don’t overlook this European gem! The economy has been flourishing recently and is experiencing robust growth as well as attracting multinationals from all over the world. If you’re interested in an international finance career and happen to have strong Irish heritage (or are just looking for an excuse), this is definitely worth considering!


The finance consumer services industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in America, with a projected growth rate of 8% by 2020. This means that there will be plenty of jobs for those who are interested in the field. The median annual salary for this position is $66,000.

In order to get a job in finance consumer services, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree as well as some experience in the field. You can find these types of jobs through Indeed, Monster, or LinkedIn. To stay updated on new opportunities in finance consumer services, follow @FinanceConsumer on Twitter and read our blog posts!