September 28, 2023
you tube Channel for Gaming

Today I want to teach you how to make a you tube channel for gaming. You want to start making videos for your gaming channel but don’t know where to begin or what equipment you need?

It’s easier than you think! I’m going to give you some tips on how to make a YouTube channel and then explain in detail everything you need so you can have your own gaming channel on YouTube!

Have Fun

YouTube is a website that allows you to upload videos and become an internet sensation with over 1 billion users. You can create your own personal you tube Channel or Subscribe to many different channels and learn from other content creators.

No matter what you are into, there is probably an interesting YouTube Channel for it: gaming, beauty, music, comedy. Here are some easy steps on how to start your very own YouTube Channel for Gaming!

  1. Subscribe to any of the following channels: Destinythegame, WoWvideosRUS (World of Warcraft)
  2. Set up your profile settings by clicking My Channels and creating an account under the settings tab (myfirstname123). Give yourself a cool name such as BriarRoseGames2121
  3.  Fill in all of your YouTube Channel for Gaming’s information-for example: video title, date posted, video length in minutes and seconds, category etc. If you have created a playlist-add the link to it in this space. Click Save
  4.  Select the Video Manager button at the top left corner
  5.  From here select Upload New Video
  6.  Select All Videos
  7. Select Create Playlist
  8.  Add all of your You tube videos
  9. Save playlist 10 Publish!

Pick The Right Name for Your Channel

To start with, you’ll need to pick a name for your You tube Channel. This should be simple and easy so don’t get too clever or anything. You should also consider the marketing impact and how memorable the name will be. If it’s not memorable it will not have much of an impact.

So, what are some good YouTube channels? If you’re making a YouTube channel for gaming, then maybe battle toads or Zelda would be decent choices. The first one could act as a play on the game itself while the other could use characters from Nintendo’s classic game that is loved by many.

Whatever you decide on as your YouTube Channel, make sure that you can live with it and use it proudly every time someone sees it! Be creative and make something that inspires people. And if it doesn’t work out – well at least you tried right?

Keep these tips in mind when naming your YouTube Channel for Gaming: Your Channel name should be unique, easy to remember and represent who you are on you tube. Avoid using numbers or symbols in your name (e.g., 1001NintendoFans) unless they serve a specific purpose such as creating video thumbnails in order to organize them properly (e.g.: super Mario 1).

When picking a channel title, take care to avoid generic titles such as Games or Let’s Play. Consider using a brand instead of words (examples: DailyPikaDance, SuperMario4ever).

you tube Channel for Gaming

Choose Your Niche or Audience

Do you want to get your message out there and feel like you’re not alone? Setting up your own YouTube channel is an excellent way to do so. However, it can be daunting if you don’t know how. There are lots of tutorials available, but if that still doesn’t sound easy enough for you, here are some guidelines:

-Pick out a title. Make sure this includes the words you tube and gaming. For example, Tudor’s YouTube Channel for Gaming. You’ll also need something unique and identifiable that will differentiate your video from others’.

-Create a good introduction at the beginning of your video by telling viewers what they can expect, why they should continue watching, and then following up on what was promised in the intro.

Start With Videos on A Topic You Love

Hi, I’m gamer girl and I’ve been sharing my knowledge about streaming and making you tube videos with other gamers. This tutorial is going to teach you how to make a you tube channel for gaming in ten easy steps! The first thing you’re going to want to do is either start with something that you’re passionate about or find something related to something else that you are passionate about.

#1 Find A Name for Your Channel- This can be your name or an out of the ordinary name. We recommend finding a name based on what you enjoy streaming if possible so people will know what they can expect from your content.

#2 Create Your Banner and Thumbnail- Having an eye-catching banner/thumbnail means more views and subscribes. Try using colours that contrast each other but still complement each other as well as text fonts and styles that match the tone of your channel. It’s best to create them yourself instead of downloading premade ones because it creates more ownership over your you tube channel for games.

#3 Add Some Tags to Your Videos- Tags should all describe one aspect or theme of your video. Include words like gameplay, walkthrough, playthrough, review, tips & tricks etc., in order to get found by those who search for those keywords on YouTube.

you tube Channel for Gaming

Add Value by Responding to Comments

Gaming on YouTube is always growing and expanding. As such, many channels have been created with the sole purpose of providing content related to playing video games. It is important to note that this could be anything from educational tutorial videos to live streamed gameplay, or even video game related animation series.

The most successful gaming channels have those who play what their viewers want to see and do so with regularity. This can lead to more followers subscribing, more views, increased revenue via monetization, and countless other benefits. So, if you’re thinking about making a YouTube Channel for Gaming it’s time to get started! Here are some tips:

1) Decide what your channel will focus on- Does it need instructional videos? Should your stream primarily consist of you playing? If so, what kinds of games will you play? Do you think about the demographic when deciding this? Will there be commentary with the live stream? These are all considerations to keep in mind when deciding how to create a YouTube Channel for Gaming.

2) Determine your target audience- If people find themselves being bored by your videos, they won’t watch them. You must first decide who would enjoy viewing them and then tailor them accordingly.

For example, if someone creates a YouTube Channel for Gaming focused on tutorials, they may want to produce high quality content geared towards new gamers (or older gamers trying something new). However, someone creating a YouTube Channel for Gaming focused solely on gameplay might not require as much quality or complexity in order to satisfy their subscribers.

Promote Yourself, Your Videos and Your Content

I’m new to YouTube and I want to start my own YouTube channel for gaming. I figured the best way to learn was by reading articles and watching tutorials. It’s been great so far because I’ve learned a lot about how this works, but now it’s time for me to start putting all of the information into practice. So today, I thought I would share with you some of the tips that helped me get started on building my own YouTube channel.

Hopefully you found these helpful! Good luck on your journey with making your YouTube channel! One tip is to create a logo before uploading anything onto YouTube. That way if people go onto YouTube, they will know what your channel is called and who you are right away. Uploading content every day can be difficult, especially when you are just getting started with your channel. When creating content try not to put too much pressure on yourself-just go with the flow and try out new things!

I hope that this blog post has given you a better understanding of how to create a YouTube channel for gaming! Let me know in the comments below if there’s anything else that might help people who are interested in starting their own YouTube channels.

you tube Channel for Gaming


So, you want to start a YouTube channel for gaming. That’s great! I’ll just tell you about the steps on how to do it. Make sure that your videos are quality, because if they’re not then people will stop watching them and you won’t get any more subscribers or views.

You also need good content so that people will continue watching your videos and recommend them too other people who are interested in the same thing as them. In order to gain followers quickly, make friends with popular gamers that have more than one million followers. It is also important to know how YouTube works before creating a channel.

YouTube has algorithms which display what viewers see first when they click on certain videos of their interest. The key is having many different types of content which will allow viewers to watch your different type of games without getting bored. There are many other factors, but this gives you an idea of what to think about when making a YouTube channel for gaming