September 28, 2023
YouTube Gaming Video

There are many different video game genres, and you might love more than one of them! However, there is nothing like a good YouTube gaming video to make your day better. If you are looking to start a channel of your own, keep reading and learn all about how to make a YouTube gaming video from A to Z.

You don’t need any special equipment or skills to do so; all you need is yourself and the willingness to entertain others! By the time you’re done reading this guide, you’ll be ready to upload your first video and become an internet star overnight!

Choose Your Game

Choosing your game is an important part of making your first YouTube gaming video. If you’re going to talk about playing Angry Birds for example, but aren’t really very good at it, then no one will want to watch. On YouTube, authenticity counts for a lot.

Find something you’re good at and interested in so that you can discuss it on camera with confidence and enthusiasm. Also consider what kind of gamer you are; different gamers enjoy different types of games and viewers gravitate toward certain personalities or niches depending on their interests.

For example: John Green is funny while PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) talks smack—and both have great personalities. See which works best for your tastes and personality. You don’t need any fancy equipment!

Recording gameplay footage on the Xbox One console doesn’t require anything other than the HDMI out cable, an Xbox One system and Xbox Live Gold membership, plus a USB drive or external hard drive with enough storage space to hold the recording session’s gameplay footage. The following list contains some steps to follow before starting to record your YouTube gaming video

Select Your Tools

While you can use most consumer video editors to craft your YouTube gaming videos, there are a few specific tools that you should be using. You’ll want a good recording device so that your gameplay or reactions will look professional, like Nvidia’s Shadow Play and AMD’s Relive. The two together cost around $100 and they’re available for both Macs and PCs.

Gameplay is by far one of your most important assets, so it’s worth investing in these products if you can afford them. If you need something cheaper, try OBS (free), which has built-in screen recording functionality. It isn’t as high quality but works well enough for getting started.

Alternatively, try out Open Broadcaster Software (also free) which allows you to stream live video directly to YouTube Gaming instead of relying on third-party software. Whichever route you choose, just remember that editing is everything when it comes to YouTube gaming videos—so take your time with things!

YouTube Gaming Video

Get The Right Equipment

To create high-quality videos, you need better equipment than what’s in your cell phone. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money on expensive cameras and microphones. The basic equipment listed here should be sufficient for most YouTube gaming video shoots.

You may have some of these items already; just check before buying anything new. You can also see if any of your friends or family might be willing to borrow equipment from you once in a while – especially items like tripods and lights.

Before you buy, remember that it’s not about getting professional gear; it’s about having what you need so that you can focus more on creating videos rather than editing them! What Do I Need? Use your smartphone if you don’t have a camera.

If you don’t have an external microphone, use the microphone built into your computer. If there are specific things you want to buy (like lights), start by spending the least amount possible to find out whether they work well with your needs and the way you film games.

Don’t go all out right away—start slowing with what is necessary to create good YouTube gaming videos and then gradually invest in other equipment as needed (or wanted).

Record Voice-Over Audio

One of the first steps in making a YouTube gaming video is to record your voice-over audio. While you can skip voice-over in favour of an explainer text (explained below), or even let your viewers add their own voice-over via annotations, many YouTubers prefer having original audio for professional and high-quality results.

When recording, be sure that you are in a quiet place where there’s no ambient noise—this may mean using headphones with built-in mics. If you don’t have access to something like that, then consider editing out all of your umms and other filler words during postproduction. In this example, I’ve only edited out a few seconds worth of dead air before I started speaking again.

The purpose of doing this is so that you don’t have to edit as much on the timeline later on when it comes time to do so after producing your you tube gaming video clip.

The process of editing together clips into sequences and adjusting sound levels to avoid clipping can be tedious work – less work equals less risk for errors and more efficient you tube gaming videos!

Record Game Footage

The most important step in creating a YouTube gaming video is acquiring footage. To get started, turn on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One and start playing a game. When you reach an interesting moment (or find some really good sound effects), hit record.

The key to getting good footage is finding places where you can pause without missing out on action—in other words, record wherever there’s something going on and stop whenever nothing of interest happens. Also, remember that gamers watching YouTube videos tend to favour fight scenes, so try not recording them.

You’re looking for epic moments: your character reaching level 20 or levelling up all of their attributes at once are perfect examples of what you should be recording. Your goal is to create clips with exciting content rather than fill the screen with filler just because it exists. If you take this approach, then viewers will have more incentive to watch your entire video.

This way, YouTube analytics will also work better because YouTube will know exactly when viewers watched the video from beginning to end – instead of pausing it halfway through because they got bored.

Here’s another tip for capturing gameplay: start recording at the menu screen before you even play the game. Some games have awesome opening sequences; these would be perfect inclusions in any YouTube gaming video – especially if they have unique music too! Try not skimping on audio quality either!

 YouTube Gaming Video

Use Basic Editing Software

Depending on what kind of video you’re making, you might want some basic editing software. iMovie is great for Mac users and Windows Movie Maker can help bring up your A-game. If you’re using something else, there are hundreds of free editing tools online that can assist you in creating a sharp YouTube Gaming Video for beginners.

It doesn’t take long to learn them and many are as good as high-end tools used by professionals. When used correctly, even these simple software programs can help produce videos with professional quality effects and graphics. The most important thing when trying out new YouTube creators is having fun! You may also consider taking an online course at Udemy or Khan Academy if your budget permits it.

Upload And Promote Your Video!

Hello, I am here today with some tips on how you can go about making a YouTube gaming video that stands out.

*Ask yourself what your channel is going to be about? Can you tell me what kind of games you’re looking for? Is there anything in particular you want people to know about your channel? Do you need extra help coming up with ideas for videos?

*Once you’ve figured out what type of videos you want to create, it’s time for the fun stuff: shooting and editing!

*If this is your first-time filming or editing, take it slow! Focus on quality over quantity and try not do too much at once. Remember that you are creating something that will last forever.


A YouTube Gaming Video can range from thirty seconds long and simply showing off your new move, all the way up to five minutes in length with multiple camera angles showing the entire match. The length of the video will depend on what you want to show off and how good your production skills are. Here are some tips for making your first YouTube Gaming Video:

– Use a tripod or something stable so that it doesn’t shake while you’re shooting.

– Make sure your audio is turned on and set correctly.

– Try not to use too many cuts in between shots as this will detract from the scene.

– If there’s any dialogue in the game, get close enough so that you can pick up what they say without having subtitles on screen.